April 2017

Ayala Frenkel Choreography

2HER, at Kelim Choreography Center

Choreography by Ayala Frenkel  and Performance by Ayala Frenkel and Noa Shavit. “Two women are standing side by side/ one in front of each other. Together, they create a space where violence and softness can exist together. Revealing different faces of femininity. The piece aims to break the linear way of expression, and to give space to the alternative, feminine way.”

 I was invited to a special Feminine Artists Night. A collaboration of very talented women.  A writer, a photographer, a dancer, a musician, all were invited to celebrate Femininity and Creativity. The vibes were high and inspiring through the whole evening.  But magic began when Ayala Frenkel and Noa Shavit entered the stage. The relationship of those two talented dancers on stage was gripping.  They captured me with their stormy and gentle movement that came with strong emotions.  It was a strong choreography of how we relate to women and how we see women in a perfect world, that we, women, can do it all and be whoever we want, without giving up, or choosing one over the other. While photographing those wonderful dancers I found myself on a roller-coaster of emotions. Thus, you will find the images presented in color and in black and white, almost paralleling the stormy and the gentle moments.


March 2017

Roy Assaf Choreography

II Acts for the Blind for L.A. Dance Project, at Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater.

A new and fresh version of Roy Assaf’s creation from 2014 originally created for LADP.  I had a wonderful time photographing the ingenious process. Definitely an outstanding dance concert, out of the box creativity. Powerful words, moving moments, rhyme, rhythm and grace. Loved it! In this album, you will find images, that shows the process of this wonderful creation and images from the final run.  Performance by: Olivia Court Mesa, Madison Hoke, Anat Oz, Sergio Diaz, Joel Bray, Avshalom Latucha, Kelvin Vu.



August 2016

Ravid Abarbanel Choreography 

“Crumbling Underneath”, at Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater

Choreography & Performance by Ravid Abarbanel – “Every person that we have imprinted upon will carry a fragment of us, even after they are long gone”.  The way Ravid imprints her movements, her dance, I imprint the images with my camera. A memory to last for generations. Crumbling Falling Apart is a quest for life after the loss of physical structure and the discovery of alternative paths of existence. Nature propagates continuity through time and time erodes all. Does a person whose body has dissolved no longer exist? We continue to be if only a bit differently. Every person that we have imprinted upon will carry a fragment of us, even after they are long gone. Underneath – is a battle between two presences, human and abstract, which exist within one person. In the beginning, it appears that the connection between these two beings are meant to strengthen, direct and meet the needs of the human presence. Eventually, the balance is offset”.

It was an emotional photo-shoot.  As a dancer in the past and a photographer in the present, Ravid’s dance awaken and strengthen so many qualities and good intuition that long forgotten and I thank her for that. I was very joyful to see it all in her alive and kicking!




Roni Chadash Choreography & Performance 

Goofy“, at Kelim Choreography Center.

Choreography & Performance by Roni Chadash – “To the woman he said. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.” Genesis 3:16 “A pointless attempt of understanding when I lost my innocence and how my amorphous body transformed into the known and common creature called a woman.” Roni brings to the stage the knowledge of understanding the loss of innocence of childhood, and the change we all go through. Not an easy task. I crawled on the floor with my camera, while she was dancing, I was imitating her movements, feelings, strength and capturing, frame by frame, her battle of feelings and emotions. Not an easy task as well.

Roni’s choreography challenge me, as a photographer to find the perfect viewpoint. It definitely extend my body limits. I salute her unlimited boundaries.